Campfire Conditions

Campfires are currently permitted throughout all Manning Park Campsites


A campfire is defined as:
An open fire that burns piled material no larger than 0.5 m in height and 0.5 m in width and is used by any person for recreational purpose, or by a First Nation for a ceremonial purpose. More information

Smoke-Free Manning Park

Please smoke in Designated smoking areas only.


Designated areas at the Resort include:
-Cordoned off stall in front of Manning Park Lodge, near ‘Camping Info’ kiosk
-The covered pathway area at the back of the Lodge, to the west of the Lodge, towards the cabins. More information

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Off the Beaten Path

There are many mountain biking trails at Manning Park Resort, ranging from front to backcountry, and easy to difficult.

Stunning views, challenging climbs and quick descents are characteristic of biking at Manning Park. Whether you are an expert or beginner, you will find a challenge—and fun—on Manning Park’s trails.

Many mountain biking trails intersect with fire roads, and are quite wide. Mountain bikers are asked to yield to hikers and horses along the trail routes.

Please be advised Manning Park Resort does not have bikes for rent.

Biking is welcomed on the following trails at Manning Park:

Difficulty Name Distance &
Elevation Gain
Start/End Point Trail Description
Little Muddy 2.5km


West side of Corral/ Lightning Lake Campground Trail parallels Gibson Pass Road on the south side of the road, starting from behind the Lodge, near the Corral. Head west to Lightning Lake campground, some elevation gain, with one steep uphill named “Graduation Hill”.
Lone Duck 1km


Twenty Minute Lake Parking Lot/ Lightning Lake Campground Portion of Little Muddy trail going around Lone Duck bay, with great lake views and views of Mt. Frosty. Dismount bike by Lone Duck group facilities.
South Gibson 3.2km


Lightning Lake Campground/ Strawberry Flats Parking Lot Trail goes from Lightning Lake campground about 100m before Spruce Bay parking lot to Strawberry Flats. Gradual ascent to Strawberry Flats with some flat areas. No biking permitted into Strawberry Flats area and beyond.
North Gibson 3.1km


North side of Gibson Pass Road 100m past Lighting Lake Campground/ Strawberry Flats The trail is on the North side of Gibson Pass road between Strawberry Flats and the Lightning Lake campground. If heading uphill, the first ½ is a reasonably steep push to the shale slide. From there it is mostly downhill and it levels out. Going down, North Gibson is quicker than South. At top of North Gibson trail, you can keep going straight to meet up with the Poland Lake Trail.
Poland Lake 8km one-way


Strawberry Flats Parking Lot at top end of North Gibson trail/ Poland Lake Start at Strawberry Flats parking lot. Trail goes to downhill ski area then along ridge to Poland Lake. The trail is level for about .5 km and then gradually starts to climb. Once you reach the ski run area (just before the Chairlift) the route varies. Hikers go to the left; cyclists and those on horseback stay to the right keeping on the fire access road which makes several switch backs and comes out at the top of the chairlift then continues to the 4.5 km point, along Horseshoe run, where the two routes join. Once you cross over the ski run you leave the ski hill area. There is an area map signposted here (4.5 km) to direct you to the lake NOTE: Cyclists and horses are only permitted to travel to the end of the road (not around the lake)
Windy Joe 8km one-way


Similkameen Bridge/Top of Windy Joe Mountain The trail commences at the Similkameen Bridge, following the Lower Similkameen Trail southeast for just over 2 km before intersecting the Windy Joe trail. Trail is a fire access road to fire lookout shelter at top of mountain with great view. The descent from the top is a fast ride! Be aware of upcoming traffic, including hikers and horses.
Monument 83 16km one-way


Monument 78/83 Parking Lot / Monument 83 After leaving the parking lot, the fire access road remains level for the first 3 km. After 3rd bridge crossing, keep to the left at trail sign. From here, it’s a gradual ascent to Monument 83. The last km is the most strenuous. Look for the carved headstone of Pasayten Pete. Monument marks the Canada/US border. Follow the same trail back.

River Trail



Similkameen Bridge/Monument 83 trail From the Similkameen bridge, follow trail on the south side of the river and follow the trail east for 2 km until you reach the Windy Joe Trail Junction. (West Similkameen trail). Past Windy Joe’s junction, follow East Similkameen trail until you meet up with the Monument 83 trail. Turn left on trail to make your way to the Monument 78/83 parking lot. *East Similkameen trail conditions may be variable.

The information on the biking trails in Manning Park has been provided to you by Manning Park Resort. Users of this information do so at their own risk.

Measurements are approximate. Full topographical map available for purchase at Country Store and the Manning Park Visitor Centre.

Level of difficulty rating is based on physical effort.

For trail info and more, contact Manning Park Visitor Centre: 604-668-5953

Bike Courtesy & Safety

• You are biking in a provincial park. Trail use is subject to the BC Parks Act.

• All designated bike trails in Manning Park are two-way, multi-use trails. You may encounter hikers or horses at any time. Always be aware of other users and allow the right of way.

• Biking on these trails is at your own risk. These trails are in their natural state and may have natural obstacles and hazardous terrain.

• Please stay on the trail and do not ride through the forest or clearings beside the trail.

• Please stay off all trails not designated for bikes.

• Always ride in control and within your ability level.

• Pre-Ride Check your Bike & Yourself The weather in the mountains can change rapidly. Wear and bring appropriate clothing, footwear and be prepared for unpredictable weather changes. Carry drinking water and snacks. Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

• Please note there is no cell service in the park.

• Pack out what you pack in! You are riding in a provincial park so please, respect the area by not littering.

• Avoid Wildlife conflicts. Know which animals are in the area and how to react if you cross their path. Help us keep our wildlife wild and safe by NOT offering them food. If you encounter a wild animal, for your safety, do not attempt to feed or approach any wildlife. Stay calm and please keep a respectful distance.

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