Campfire Conditions

Campfires are currently permitted throughout all Manning Park Campsites


A campfire is defined as:
An open fire that burns piled material no larger than 0.5 m in height and 0.5 m in width and is used by any person for recreational purpose, or by a First Nation for a ceremonial purpose. More information

Smoke-Free Manning Park

Please smoke in Designated smoking areas only.


Designated areas at the Resort include:
-Cordoned off stall in front of Manning Park Lodge, near ‘Camping Info’ kiosk
-The covered pathway area at the back of the Lodge, to the west of the Lodge, towards the cabins. More information

Current Weather

Sample Team Building Events

Complete Meeting Packages – Sample Team Building Events

Whether it’s keeping your team from being eaten by alligators, building an emergency shelter after “frost bite” has hit, or taking a Nature Challenge, we can facilitate a host of great activities to bring your team together and to increase their communication skills.

Give us an idea of the amount of time you’d like to spend, the number of people involved, the particular aspect you’d like to work on and what your budget is for the event and we can custom design activities for you.

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