Campfire Conditions

Campfires are currently allowed throughout all Manning Park Campsites


A campfire is defined as:
An open fire that burns piled material no larger than 0.5 m in height and 0.5 m in width and is used by any person for recreational purpose, or by a First Nation for a ceremonial purpose. More information

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Wildflowers at Manning Park Resort

When you think of Manning Park in the summer, do you picture a valley filled with wildflowers? You’re not the only one.

Manning Park is home to over 100 species of alpine and sub-alpine wildflowers — and that’s about how many places there are in the park to enjoy them! Each year we are treated to a spectacle of bloom and colour at Manning Park that starts in the spring, builds to its peak in July, and continues through to fall.

Wildflowers can be seen along trails, in park areas, and near Lightning Lake and the Similkameen River. If you’re keen to experience a true wildflower spectacle, seek a higher vantage point at Manning Park: hike in to Poland Lake, the Alpine Meadows, and along the Skyline and Three Falls trails.

At Manning Park, you will find yourself surrounded by beauty at all times of year, but to see wildflowers like you’ve never seen you really have to come in spring and summer.


Wildflower walks happen 5 days/week during the summer. (June 30-Sept. 3, 2017)

Friday-Monday & Wednesday at 11am. Meet at Naturalist hut at upper parking lot on Blackwall Peak road.

This is part of Manning Park’s interpretive programs. Donations are greatly appreciated and help our programs continue!

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